Aikwood Tower Wedding Photography – Kate & Dan

Aikwood Tower Wedding PhotographyAikwood Tower Wedding Photography

Kate and Dan had a stunning and intimate wedding at Aikwood Tower in Selkirk. Aikwood Tower is a grade A-listed building with five centuries of medieval history to its name.

When Kate and Dan first asked me to be their photographer I jumped at the chance. They are a wonderful couple, Aikwood is a beautiful venue, and I love the drive over the border! I’m always up for a nice long drive. There’s something soothing about putting on your favourite tunes and watching the rugged scenery drift past. After a couple of hours of fun driving I then get to go and photograph a wedding! My idea of a pretty good day, to be honest. Oh, and then I get to drive home at the end of it with more tunes and more pretty views – hooray!

When I arrived at the venue the weather was perfect; and you really couldn’t ask for much more could you? Wonderful people, beautiful setting, and the sun shining down.

Effortlessly Fabulous

The venue absolutely has views to die for. There’s so much greenery, and it’s quiet and secluded. The Tower itself is elegant and the (I think it’s a converted barn, I’ll call it a barn), the barn at the back can take any kind of personal touch being such a lovely blank canvas. Kate and Dan had some cute little fairy lights, lots of greenery, and a bit of a Moroccan theme going on too. It looked so classy!

I was also very taken with Kate’s bouquet. Very unconventional, it was a floral globe held by a ribbon: simple yet stunning. Actually, that’s a good way to describe their whole wedding! Kate and Dan created a beautiful day that was low on fuss, but big on happiness.

All in all it was a wonderful day.

Aikwood Tower Wedding Photography