As You Like It Wedding Photography – Shona & Andrew

As You Like It Wedding Photography

As You Like It might not be an obvious choice for a wedding venue, but it really works. Quirky doors, individual chairs, balconies, and some lovely interior design make the whole place a joy to shoot. Shona and Andrew tied the knot in September and their day was glorious!

Bridal prep was at Shona and Andrew’s beautiful 1930s home, then straight on to As You Like It where I don’t think I’ve experienced many more emotional ceremonies. The heartfelt reading from Elouise was really something, and the love between Shona and Andrew is tangible in the images.

The confetti was lavender, in keeping with the lilac theme of the wedding day. Natural confetti made with flower petals always looks fantastic. It smells good and it’s eco friendly – bonus! We took the formal pictures downstairs, and then came up to the bar area for drinks. The drinks reception was convivial to say the least and the meal was wonderfully turned out especially given the large number of guests.

The speeches were emotional. Except perhaps the bit with the hat and… yeah, some things probably shouldn’t be shared. I’ll save that one – haha! It was nice to see the ladies representing and the maid of honour gave a wonderful testimony to the bride. I’ve seen bridesmaids give more speeches over the years and I’d love to see it take off.

Lavender, Sparklers, & Dancing

As the nights are drawing in in September we got to play outside with sparklers too. I never can say no to a chance to play with fire and cameras at the same time. This will probably get me into trouble at some point! That day was not this day. We got some lush photos and I didn’t combust.

Shona and Andrew had hired a band and their first dance was a waltz. Some things you just have to do with style 😉

Much love to you both xx

As You Like It Wedding Photography

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