Biddick Hall Wedding Photography – Ingrid & Chris

Biddick Hall Wedding photosBiddick Hall Wedding Photography

Ingrid and Christopher got married in July at the stunning Biddick Hall in County Durham. You know if you’re getting married at a venue that’s in high demand by TV production companies that your day is going to look good.

So no pressure there then!

The venue was absolutely beautiful, and emotions were running as high as the summer heat. Ingrid and Chris seemed to have anticipated this though, and as nerves were beginning to show the cellist from Andrelli launched into a beautiful rendition of the Imperial March. I’ve genuinely not heard that in a wedding ceremony before! Then Ingrid arrived and the ceremony began. Everything was wonderful. They exchanged rings and roses, they kissed. Everyone threw confetti and the grounds were perfect for photographs.

I could happily have stayed the grounds for hours taking pictures of the happy couple. After all, it really was that beautiful a day! But as I always say, weddings are wonderful and when you get married you want your memories to be of the time you spent with your loved ones, not your photographer. It’s far nicer to be reminded of jokes and laughter with your best friends than it is to see a very pretty posed picture where you felt uncomfortable. Photographs are wonderful things, they bring back so much of the moment. So isn’t it better to have a day of fabulous moments to remember?

Wedding Reception in the Pub

After Biddick Hall everyone moved on to The Copt Hill in Houghton-le-Spring. The pub was where Ingrid and Chris has met and was the perfect choice of venue. Speeches came between courses, then there was a pub quiz. I thought that was rather ingenious, as the questions were all about weddings and the happy couple. What a great way to personalise the day! So the quiz happened, and that was followed by dancing, cigars, and silliness.

It was a wonderful day for a truly wonderful couple.

Biddick Hall Wedding Photography