Chopwell Woods Engagement Photography – Gillian & Betty

Chopwell Woods Engagement PhotographyChopwell Woods Engagement Photography

Some couples just have the indefinable ‘something‘ where you just know they’re forever, and Gillian and Betty have that.

We booked the engagement session in well in advance and given the summer of torrential rain that we’ve had I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky that when we went to Chopwell Woods in May it was brilliant, bright, shining sunshine. Gillian and Betty brought a rockabilly theme to the day, with glorious victory rolls, braces, and some stunning make-up. It’s days like these when the session almost shoots itself; everything was perfect.

We took a slow wander through the South Western edge of the woods. It had to be slow as it was too hot to be running around! It was simply lovely amongst the trees and the dappled sunlight, with the squirrels and the fallen leaves.

All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon, and a great precursor to the wedding.