Creepy Fairground

long exposure fair ground ridesCreepy Fairground

Sometimes it’s nice to go out and photograph something a little different, and when the shows came to town I just couldn’t help myself.

I’ve always been drawn to the darker side of things. It might seem odd for someone who works as a wedding photographer (for whom most of her work is sunshine and flowers and happiness) but I’m very much of the feeling that to truly appreciate the light there has to be darkness. You need the comparison – the side-by-side – to see things properly.

Fairgrounds are often viewed as “creepy”; they’re supposed to be these great havens of wild enjoyment but there’s that hidden side to them that lends an edge. There’s the chance that something will go wrong (Final Destination 3, anyone?), or that for all the fun the people who work on the shows have a hard time of things (at the extreme end that’s where season 4 of American Horror Story drew its inspiration), and anyone who has a fear of clowns (Coulrophobia) will tell you that you really can’t see what’s under the greasepaint.

These are just a handful, and yes they’re colourful and yes they’re quite abstract, but I like them.