Crook Hall Wedding Photography – Lynsey & Carl

Crook Hall Wedding Photographers

Crook Hall is such a pretty place. Even in early chilly March it’s this beautiful; no wonder Lynsey and Carl chose it for their wedding.

One of my favourite things about weddings ‘out of season’ is that the light is frequently so much easier to manage. Bright sun casts strong shadows but an overcast day makes it so easy to reflect the moment. Lynsey and Carl were very lucky in the weather as it was nicely overcast, cool but not cold. They had vintage shades and roses, lace, laughter, love and afternoon tea. I was particularly taken with the speech one of the pageboys gave and also the mini party that happened between the meal and the evening reception. You only get the one shot at your wedding so make it as epic as possible!

The Gardens

The gardens at Crook Hall are absolutely wonderful. There’s lots of hidden nooks, walled gardens, a lake, wild flowers, and there’s even a maze! As the photographer I have not yet had the chance to explore the maze on any of my visits. I think it would be frowned upon if I were to get lost! Although, I have heard that there is a “fool-proof” method to solving any maze. You’ll have to ask me in person though, just in case I ever have to race you, I want the upper hand!

We captured some beautiful images of Lynsey and Carl in the gardens at Crook Hall. Personally, I think the bare branches and sunny daffodils bring a certain something to the photos. Bright pops of yellow in the background, and lovely framing. It’s a photographer’s dream this place!

Thank you Carl and Lynsey once again for having me be a part of your wedding. It was a pleasure to be with you and share in the warmth of your friendship x

Crook Hall Wedding Photographers