Druridge Bay Engagement Photography – Lindsey & Santosh

Druridge Bay Engagement Photography

I do love engagement shoots, they’re fun and relaxed, and I feel like I really get to know a couple before their wedding happens for real. Lindsey and Santosh wanted to go to Druridge Bay for their pre-wedding session, and at this time of year the place is a delight!

I also got to meet Indy, the dog. Yet again another amazing couple has taught their dog that photographers aren’t food! You’d be surprised how tasty many dogs assume I am. I think it must be that my ankles look like chew toys! So Indy was lush, and the weather was pretty good too. It could have been a touch warmer, but the dramatic skies outweigh the few degrees extra I could have hoped for.

We explored some of the beach, and a good chunk of the country park too. There’s some lovely places hidden away. Lots of little paths, and pretty places to stand and admire the view. We chatted a fair bit about travel, about life, the universe and everything. We also grabbed a coffee at the end when we chatted about the plan for the big day. Not long to go now guys!

All in all it was a lovely morning, and I can’t wait for the wedding.