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Back in December a lovely lady called Hayley contacted me to ask about a special gift for her step daughter. She thought it would be a great idea for Millie to have some modelling experience, but in a way that was fun, stress free, and resulted in some gorgeous photographs.

So I pulled together The Dream Team: Nicola from Little Miz Makeup, and Stephanie Spoors, the talented hairdresser. We worked out dates and times, and Millie got the most fabulous Christmas gift ever!

We started the day with some simple headshots for Millie’s acting portfolio, then Nic and Steph worked their magic.

As Millie was so young – sweet sixteen – we kept the styling light and fun, with a small dip into some classic Hollywood glamour (because who doesn’t love Hedy Lamarr?). We ended up with so many photos that I couldn’t possibly showcase them all on here today, but here’s a few of my favourites.