Gosforth Wedding Photography – Trinity Church – Hannah & Chris

Gosforth Trinity Church Wedding Photographers

I adore a laid back wedding, and Hannah & Chris’ stunning winter wedding was decidedly relaxed. Mind you, not to perpetuate the stereotype, but he was Australian so it’s not too surprising!

Gosforth Wedding Photography

Hannah and Chris married at Trinity Church in Gosforth on the 14th of December. The church looks very pretty from the outside but inside it really is something to see: vaulted ceilings, modern fittings, warm and friendly. You couldn’t really ask much more from a church. The ceremony was lovely, and after photos there was tea, mulled wine and mince pies. Who can say no to a mince pie in December? I might have pinched one (I would have hated to have seen it go to waste, it’s a public service really).

After Trinity everyone moved on to Wheelbirks Parlour. It’s a cute little dairy in Northumberland, only a short drive away. There everyone had drinks and listened to the speeches. The speeches were particularly good, and I am very pleased with the resulting reaction shots. So the speeches were fun. Subsequently there was cake, there were adorable cows, there was laughter. In conclusion it was a wonderful day all round.

Northumberland Wedding Reception

At the time, Wheelbirks was new to me however, since discovering it through Hannah and Chris, I now go there quite regularly. It’s a little dairy in the south of Northumberland who have a herd of pure bred Jersey cattle. They use the Jersey milk to make their own fabulous ice creams and also sell raw milk which is supposed to have lots of health benefits. I’m vegan and lactose intolerant, but I’m assured by everyone who isn’t that their products are superlative. Certainly you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d asked me to write this on their behalf. But no, I just like to wax on. Sorry!

Anyway, the wedding, that’s what you’re here for, right?

And cows. You might not have been expecting cows but they’re awesome, and I took pictures of them because they’re awesome.