Laing Art Gallery Wedding Photography – Laura & Matt

Laing gallery newcastle upon tyne wedding photography

The best weddings are the ones where the couple decide to be true to themselves throughout the day. Laura and Matt were a wonderful example of doing things their way when they tied the knot at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne. They then followed this with an epic reception at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead.

Laing Gallery Wedding Photography

Laura’s bridal preparations were in an Air B&B apartment in Gateshead. Luckily I had arrived with plenty of time; after all, you never can account for the traffic near the Tyne Bridge. I found the place with ease but, after parking, the lovely bridesmaid who’d come to find me and I got terribly lost in the apartment building. It was the stuff that stories are made of; that apartment was like walking through an M C Escher drawing! Eventually, with assistance and lots of laughter, we found our way in the the correct part of the building. Laura and her bridesmaids were getting ready while her dad was being the most amazing dad ever! Champagne for everyone, tidying up, sorting things out, and generally being marvellous. Just what you want on your wedding morning.

The Ceremony

There was a tiny moment of panic when the driver of the bridesmaids’ car asked me if I knew the way to the Laing Gallery, but we got there just fine. The day was slightly overcast yet pleasant, so it was perfect conditions for photography.

Matt was waiting in The Collection Display Gallery, looking nervous and super sharp in his suit. The ceremony itself was emotional and beautiful. They exchanged rings, they kissed, and they were married! Huzzah!

It was important to me to get some good Laing Gallery wedding photography as it was the first time I’d had the great fortune to work there. Unsurprisingly that was no trouble at all as the venue is lovely, as were the bride and groom. What more could you possibly ask for?

Afterwards we took some casual pictures in and around the Laing before heading outside for bubble confetti – who doesn’t love bubbles I ask you? Everyone then made their way onto busses to travel over to the BALTIC gallery for the reception.

The Reception

The Tyne is always glorious so many people lingered outside taking selfies before heading in. Stupidly I decided not to wait for the lift and took the stairs all the way up to the restaurant. I walked up all 231 of them with my kit. FYI, not that smart but it’s an easy way to save on gym membership.

Having made that mistake once we then took the lifts back down to get some photos outside.

The restaurant is beautiful, and Laura and Matt had brought their signature minimalist elegance to the room with lots of glass, as well as delicate purple and white flowers. It made for a stunning collection of images when it came to speeches, especially because the light on floor Six is so darn good. All three speeches were grand, and the meal that followed was once again elegant and fulfilling.

For the evening reception Laura & Matt enjoyed the River Terrace, but not before we went outside to capture more picture with the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in the background.

Back inside they cut the cake and went into their first dance. Sorry to say I can’t quite recall the name of the song that they chose, but there’s good reason for that. Half way through the lovely ‘slow-dance-worthy ballad’ it scratched to a stop and on went House of Pain’s Jump Around. Absolutely EPIC!

I’ve linked to the official music video there because I want everyone to get a feeling for just how wild the room went at that point. I defy anyone to listen to that track and not want to, quite literally, jump around. That song might be from 1992, but it still fills the floor.

So congratulations to a wonderful couple. Laura and Matt, it was an absolute pleasure Xx