Langley Castle Wedding Photography – Rhona & John

Langley Castle Wedding PhotographersLangley Castle Wedding Photographers

Small, intimate weddings are really quite special. When I was asked to shoot Rhona & John’s big day I was told it would “probably be the smallest and least stressful booking [I had] ever taken”, and y’know they were kinda right!

I had shot Rhona’s daughter’s wedding back in 2015 (hi Kristina!), and had to keep it a secret that I was going to be at the wedding. A whole year I had to restrain from messaging one of my wonderful clients to say that I’d be seeing her again. That was tough, but seeing Kristina’s smile on the day was worth it. It’s nice to know that I’m loved.

John had said that the day would be more like a family day with late lunch, than a wedding. Very very informal, certainly no speeches, just a lot of chat, good food, a magician and guitarist. An opportunity to bring close family together to witness the marriage at a very nice venue. And that’s what they got! The day was relaxed and fun, every minute was joyful and full of love.

Langley Castle Photography

The castle is beautiful. Even though you have to walk a way back to get the whole of it in shot, it’s worth it. The grounds are pretty funky too. The rhododendron bushes are simply amazing, and Rhona & John chose the perfect time to see them. There’s lots of little corners in which to take pictures and you don’t have to go too far from your guests either.

I loved that the ceremony took place in front of a big old window. The natural light made for some beautiful portraits, and the room itself is cosy and friendly. Not that we spent much time there with the day being so nice.

So, for anyone thinking of having a small low-key wedding, just take a look at how fantastic it can be:

Langley Castle Wedding Photographers