Langley Castle Wedding Photography – Emma & Tez

Langley Castle Wedding PhotographyLangley Castle Wedding Photography

Langley Castle is a stunning wedding venue out in the Northumberland countryside. Deemed a “fairytale wedding” location, it is a 14th Century fortified castle, and a truly beautiful place to celebrate your wedding day

Emma and Tez got really lucky with their day. It had been raining for most of the morning and we were worried that we wouldn’t get chance to take any pictures outside. We ended up taking the big group shot upstairs in the castle because it was so wet outside. Someone was looking out for them though, a fairy godmother perhaps! The rain stopped, the skies cleared and it was even warm! Good job too, as it helped the ice cream go down just that little bit better.

A Fairytale In Northumberland

Emma and Tez are just a lovely couple. After all, you have to tip your hat to people who have their pets on the cake topper. That’s some top quality personalisation right there! Emma looked radiant in her dress; sparkle tipped nails, and with her incredible hair. Tez looked like a real gent in his grey suit with purple accents. The tiny details that they had added to their day were thoughtful and lovely. The floral arrangements were particularly stunning.

The speeches were a very emotional affair. You’d think that being a wedding photographer I’d become immune to sentimental speeches, but you’d be wrong. There’s something about words spoken from the heart, and said in front of a crowd, that gets me every time. I think if I ever get desensitised it’s probably time to hang up the camera, but that time has definitely not come yet.

For the evening reception there was a live band, and the photo props were a great addition to get the guests to relax and have fun. I could have stuck around for quite a while taking pictures of that party. It was a truly great day.

Langley Castle Wedding Photography

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