Lumley Castle Wedding Photography – Lisa & Kris

Lumley Castle Wedding Photographers

February is usually a month in which I can relax before the wedding season runs me ragged with its beautiful brides, blooms, dresses and grooms. It isn’t a particularly big month for weddings in general, but then I get to be a part of days like Kris and Lisa’s and I wonder why more folk don’t have days like these.

Lumley Castle Wedding Photographs

Lisa and Kris got married at Lumley Castle in Chester-le-Street. It was February, it was a little chill, but my word it was a beautiful wedding day! Getting ready was busy and fun. The cute flower girl practised her walk (and pout!) whilst the bridesmaids got themselves and Lisa looking stunning.

You just can’t beat a girly morning, can you?!

My favourite touch was probably the trainers. I’m all about comfort, especially on your wedding day when you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your feet. But blue Cons with sparkles? That’s next level.

I thought the blue and red accents had quite a French feel about them. I thought it really worked in the setting of Lumley Castle. It’s such a grand place, and it really does have that old French aristocracy element to it.

The ceremony was lovely, and after the formal photos Kris and Lisa wanted some quirky ones of themselves. Can I resist when a bride and groom ask for something ‘a bit different’? No. No I can’t. So we got some really cute photos of them with the rings, the veil, a silly one with the mobile phone even. All in February! They had drinks with their family and friends, some heartfelt speeches, and a great meal. Theirs was an extended half day package so I wasn’t around for the first dance (although I’m told they gave Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers a run for their money, but you know what they say: pictures or it didn’t happen!).

So how about that; proof that February weddings can be beautiful, elegant, fun, and emotional.