Newton Hall Wedding Photography – Nikki & Michelle

Newton Hall Wedding PhotographyNewton Hall Wedding Photography

Nikki and Michelle tied the knot at Newton Hall. It has to be said, every time I work there I’m always impressed by how utterly perfect the wedding is. Theirs was certainly no exception.

Way back in July of 2014 Nikki and Michelle said “I do”, marking not only an important and perfect time in their own lives but they were also proud and happy to be Northumberland’s first same sex couple to officially wed. From a personal standpoint it was wonderful to finally hear the wording of the ceremony changed to include every relationship, and also to overhear the registrars whispering to each other “see, this is why same sex marriage should always have been allowed!”… “I know, aren’t they just perfect together”. There’s many reasons I love Northumberland!

Nikki’s day started with a few jitters that were calmed during the bridal prep with a bit of prosecco. Meanwhile Michelle rocked up to Newton Hall in a fabulous little VW camper van with her entourage.

The Dog Of Honour

The ceremony was held outside in the summer sun, with just enough cloud cover to keep their photographer happy. Vows were said, promises and rings were exchanged, then the first kiss! The brides exited and everyone had a cocktail which, let’s face it, is great way to start married life. We took a few formal photos including an aerial shot of everyone. I’m not a fan of hanging out of that window – I have terrible vertigo you know – but anything for my couples. A little bit of chill time and then the camper van took us over to a quiet part of the beach for some photographs of the brides.

I almost forgot! Dixie! Dixie the coolest little dog came to see her mamas after the ceremony too. I tell you what, that’s a pretty good day right there: married, friends, family, prosecco, a magician, and Dixie the dog. How could you ever top that?

Newton Hall Wedding Photography