South Causey Inn Weddings

South Causey Inn Weddings in Durham

Some venues look totally different every time you see them, and the South Causey Inn in Stanley, County Durham, styles up beautifully every single time. I think there’s something about how its permanent styling is so nature-focused that makes any personalisation really stand out.

Back in late winter I had the good fortune to shoot a styled fashion session here with some amazing people (you can see the full credits below), to achieve this stunning array of pictures. Some of these pictures went into Everything That Counts magazine, and as I do like to show off, I thought it would be good to display them all in a lovely little blog post.

These were all taken over a few short hours, but the dresses, the flowers, headpieces, make-up, etc. make each set look as though they could be from completely different days. It’s a bit like magic. But isn’t that what weddings are all about? Customising the day to make your own personalities sing! Well, that and love, obviously. And maybe cake. Oh alright, definitely cake.

Another thing that I think this really showcases is the beautiful pictures you can take inside. Whilst outdoor wedding photos are beautiful, if it’s raining or freezing cold (like it was when we did this particular shoot), it’s good to know that the inside of a venue is also beautiful. I often tell my brides – even with a summer wedding – to love your plan B. After all, this is Great Britain, and we’re not known for our balmy weather. Barmy, perhaps!

South Causey Inn Weddings

Photographer: Erika Tanith Photography
MUA: Little Miz Makeup
Dress Supplier: Amore Brides, Sunderland
Fresh Flowers Florist: Karans Florist
Artificial Flowers Florist: Alison Greaves (Contact: [email protected])
Location: South Causey Inn
Hairdresser: Lauren George

Models: Bethany Ball, Emily Jane Wright, Ray Loraine