Wallington Hall Family Portrait – The Armstrong’s

Wallington Hall Northumberland Photography

It’s so amazing how time flies. Shona and Andrew got married on the 30th September 2013. Now here we are three years later and I’m taking family portraits of them with their two children Ruairi and Ilona Rose at Wallington Hall in Northumberland.

Ilona Rose recently had a naming ceremony at the Prohibition Bar in Gateshead. Mitch, owner and awesome bar tender, invented a cocktail and named it after her. If you’re ever over that way do look up the bar and the cocktail! It’s definitely a lot more palatable than the negroni I tried to make myself on Friday night where I forgot to use a good gin. Honestly, do it right first time.

Anyway on to the photography thing. That’s what we’re here for isn’t it?

Family Portrait Session

I love doing family portrait sessions. You could go to a big fancy studio and get some slightly plain but nicely lit images. But that’s not for me. Personally I like to get out into the wilds of the glorious North East and capture some happy moments that are a little different. Shona and Andrew suggested we go to Wallington Hall in Northumberland to do the family portraits. I’d never been, but it’s a lovely backdrop for a wonderful family that I am happy and proud to call my friends. Shona’s mother Janet accompanied us and we had a great day.

We got some photographs near the house and on the dragon heads (which I’m rather struck by). Sadly we weren’t allowed to take photographs in the house. Luckily the grounds are extensive. We had a grand old time playing in the trees and ambling around the gardens. The weather stayed fine right up until we reached the greenhouse/orangery and that wasn’t too bad because at least we could get inside out of the rain. The diffuse light was perfect for some matt portraits, and I think the indoor ones are my favourites. The rain then held off nicely so we could get a few last pictures by the water before we called it a day.

This is a very small selection of the images we captured. Hope you like them Xx

Wallington Hall Northumberland Portraits