Alnwick Castle Wedding Photography – Harriet & Joe

Alnwick Castle Wedding PhotographyAlnwick Castle Wedding Photography

Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland, is one of the UK’s most iconic castles and a lovely wedding venue. Wedding parties are allowed exclusive access to its Gun Terrace and Outer Bailey during peak season.

Harriet and Joe got particularly lucky with the weather that day. It was warm for October, and the last day of the year that the gun terrace was to be open for weddings. But my word, that sky! It’s the backdrop you dream of as a wedding photographer; perfectly diffuse light with dramatic clouds and stunning 11th century castle to off-set a beautiful couple.

After a lovely morning getting ready, Harriet set off to St Joseph’s RC Church in style. You can’t beat an old-fashioned classic car for making an entrance!

The ceremony was emotional, but can you expect anything less from a wedding? Certainly not when you have a couple so completely in love. In fact, I chose the lead picture for this blog post because of the chemistry between the couple. The way Harriet is looking at Joe is so undeniably an expression of love. How could I use any other image? When a couple feels that way about each other the whole day becomes exactly what a wedding is supposed to be. It is a celebration of two people in love, a joyous occasion celebrating the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Wedding Reception at Alnwick Castle

The wedding reception was held at Alnwick Castle. The castle was famously used for some scenes in the first Harry Potter movie, along with several other North East landmarks that I regularly have the great fortune to call my office. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use those locations for pictures because the castle remains open to the public. But it is still pretty cool.

Having such a a large party, it was wonderful to be able to use the gun terrace for photographs. The space is open enough to fit numerous guests, and we were particularly lucky with the light and the skies. I mean, just look at those clouds! Alnwick Castle Wedding Photography at its best.

The whole day was amazing from start to finish. A perfect setting for a perfect day of wedding photography.