York Wedding Photography – Kirsty & Frazer

York Wedding PhotographyYork Wedding Photography

Kirsty and Frazer are two of the loveliest people you could possibly hope to meet. So being a part of their wedding was really special. They had met in York whilst studying at York University so the city has a special meaning for them. They got married at the registry office before moving on to Brigantes and, as anyone will tell you, I do love a good pub wedding!

Although I’m familiar with York I had only ever been there on the train. I made sure I arrived early, in case I had bother finding a parking spot, the registry office, or the traffic was against me. All well and good, right? Very sensible. However, it turned out the snag was that my SatNav thought the car park was down a small alley. A very narrow alley wide enough for one car that had no space to turn and was impossible for me to reverse up. I struggled to get out of it but I have since upgraded my SatNav to a new model which doesn’t think cars can drive down stairs. Vehicular woes behind me I took a short walk to orient myself before Kirsty and her bridesmaids arrived at York Registry Office.

The ceremony was lovely and we took the formal photos outside in the little garden attached to the office. It’s a gorgeous little oasis that you’d never otherwise know was there. It was the prefect spot. Afterwards the guests made their own way to Brigantes, while we took a stroll through the city beginning with York Museum Gardens. We walked the city walls round to the pub stopping along the way for more photos. Oh, and lots of well-wishes from passers-by.

“A Beautiful City And A Beautiful Couple”

At one point I had the grand notion of jumping off the wall to shoot Kirsty and Frazer sitting with their legs dangling off the edge. The pictures look fab, but the part you can’t see is where I realised that I hadn’t checked for a way back up! Not so smart. The wall was about 6’6″, just high enough that I couldn’t get purchase to lift myself up. The ever-gallant Frazer ended up hoisting me up by my weedy little arms. Kirsty giggled. Never say I do not entertain my couples!

At Brigantes there was a light afternoon tea, followed by a full reception upstairs. The rooms were beautiful and cosy; there they cut the cake, complete with cute Lego topper. They had some funny, entertaining, and emotional speeches, and danced their first dance to Nick Cave’s ‘Into My Arms’.

It was a wonderful day and here’s to a long and happy marriage Xx

York Wedding Photography