Frequently Asked Questions

If you find yourself lost - don't worry! Look here.

"How do we book you?"

Just drop me a line and check if I'm free on the date of your wedding. If you like we can meet up to have a chat about your day; be warned, I may force cups of tea on you! Then if you decide to book it's a £200 deposit that you need to return with a booking form.

"I don't like getting my picture taken, is that a problem?"

Absolutely not! While it's nice to have a few formal pictures of your different family groups, I believe the rest of your day should be about you and your loved ones. You've planned your wedding for a long time, go and enjoy it. I'll take pictures of you having fun; after all, the natural photos are always the best.

"What is an engagement/pre-wedding shoot?"

A pre-wedding shoot (also called an engagement shoot) is an hour long photo session where we get some fantastic pictures of you before the big day. It is ideal for getting you used to the camera. It will help you get to know me a little better so that I am less of a stranger during your wedding, and you get some nice pictures of the two of you! Prices start from £200 for the session.

"Do you just cover the North East?"

I'm happy to travel anywhere in the world for a wedding, but depending on where the wedding is going to be, and how long you need me for, there may be additional costs.

"How long will it take to get our wedding photographs?"

It is important that you not only receive your images as quickly as possible, but also that you receive the best quality. I believe that quality is the most important factor in your wedding photographs. Turnaround is usually 6-8 weeks.

"How many photos do we get?"

I usually take around 1100 pictures at a full day wedding. These images are then sorted so that any images where you may be blinking, or mid-word etc. Don't make your final selection. A typical number of photos is around 400 - 500.

"Can our friends and family view and buy albums/prints?"

Yes, of course. All you need to do is let them know the password for your online gallery and they can order whatever products they like. It also saves them having to go through you - bonus!

"When do we have to decide on an album?"

Whenever you like. Weddings are expensive so it makes sense to defer some costs, and your album can certainly be one of those things. I keep your wedding photos on file, so if you want to order an album straight after your wedding, for your paper anniversary, or even five years later it's up to you!

"Have you shot my venue before?"

Some of the venues I've worked at are listed on my venues page, but it's not exhaustive so please feel free to ask. I LOVE to work at new venues though; it's exciting to work with new backdrops and perspectives.

"Do you have backup equipment?"

I carry additional camera bodies, lenses, and lighting equipment to make sure that I am always prepared to cover your day.

"Are you insured?"

Yes; I have professional indemnity insurance up to £1million. This can be increased if your venue requires it.